Tuesday, 4 June 2013

CrimeFest 2013: Murder, mystery, fun, friendship and laughter #crimefest13

I went to CrimeFest for the first time last weekend. Crime, mystery and thriller authors, agents, reviewers, publishers and readers from all over the world gather in Bristol for discussion panels, a gala award dinner and a lot of socialising.

I did an author spotlight on writing comedy on Friday and a panel on crimefighting duos on Saturday, with Dorothy Cannell, Neil White, Martin Edwards and Len Tyler.

The best thing about going to these events is making new friends. I know! It's great to come away with a list of new books to read. But it's the friendships that have made events like Bouchercon and CrimeFest so memorable for me. I'm not going to write a long list of all the people I met at CrimeFest for fear of forgetting someone's name and/or sounding boastful. But if I met you there, thank you for the story-telling and the laughs.

Thanks to Adrian, Myles and Donna for organizing it. Thanks to Ann and Liz and everyone else involved in CrimeFest who made the weekend such a joy to attend. Thinking of going along next year? Tickets sold out quickly for 2013. You can book for 2014 at a reduced price here.

Next stop Harrogate!

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