Tuesday, 25 June 2013

ALISON WONDERLAND on offer today

The paperback edition of ALISON WONDERLAND is only £5.50 on Amazon today. Alison joins an all-female detective agency in Brixton. She's hired by a beautiful, infuriating client called Taron who turns her world upside down. The two women go on a road trip to Weymouth. If you like offbeat British comedies, you'll love this.

Only occasionally does a piece of fiction leap out and demand immediate cult status. Alison Wonderland is one... Smith is at the very least a minor phenomenon. The Times

Made me sigh and throw it to the floor in a fit of envious pique. Julie Burchill, Guardian

A fantastical Thelma and Louise meets Agatha Christie adventure story. The dialogue is smart and the deadpan humour is perfectly judged. The List

Alison Wonderland is available in paperback, audiobook and as an ebook in the US, UK and Canada. It's also available in a German edition.


Catherine Stine said...

This book sounds very clever and fun!

Helen Smith said...

Thank you! That's really kind of you to say so.