Friday, 17 May 2013

Treats for Bears and Book Reviewers

 Have you left a review for one of my books on Amazon? Thank you! Even people who don't buy their books from Amazon tend to use it as an unofficial reference library, checking customer reviews before they buy elsewhere. Customer reviews on Amazon help readers decide whether or not to buy my books and I'm grateful for every one of them.

If you lived in London and I knew you had written a review of one of my books, I'd probably invite you to a launch party for the new one, Invitation to Die. But most of my reviewers don't live in London - I have many more reviews for my books on than I do on, and they're from readers who live all over the world. Besides, I'm not sure if I'll get the chance to have a launch party for Invitation to Die this summer as I'm writing a new book. I might just wait and celebrate the next one, Beyond Belief, which is due out in January 2014.

But I have been counting my blessings recently, thinking how lucky I am to have this new book out, and feeling grateful for all the kind comments from reviewers over the years, starting with my first review for Alison Wonderland in The Times, and continuing with reviews from bloggers and readers that are still coming in every day. I would like to say thank you, but without directly rewarding people who leave high-starred reviews (much as I love them!) because I don't want to nudge people to give good reviews, I just want to say thank you for any and all reviews I might receive.

I have been following Animal Asia's release and rehabilitation of some moon bears that had been imprisoned in cages and milked for their bile. I would like to donate a year's worth of treats to a moon bear - there are several to choose from (scroll down to the bottom of this post). I have decided to choose a reviewer at random and donate the treats on their behalf. The reviewer will be able to choose which moon bear receives the treats and will also receive a pack with a photo of the bear and a cuddly moon bear toy. The cost of donating the treats for a year is £40/€70/$80 so I will match that by sending an Amazon gift card worth £40/€70/$80 to the winning reviewer.

I will also send a free ebook to every reviewer who signs up to win the treats for the moon bear. One book per reviewer. Choose from any of the books I have written: Alison Wonderland, Being Light, The Miracle Inspector, Invitation to Die, Three Sisters and Showstoppers. My books are listed on my author page at and

I will choose the winner of the Moon Bear treats and the Amazon gift card at random on 5th August 2013. I will send out the free ebooks w/c 5th August. International entries are welcome. It doesn't matter where you live so long as you have left a review for one of my books on one of Amazon's sites.

Through Animal Asia's Befriend a Bear programme, you can provide the rescued moon bears with special treats to keep them happy and occupied – treats like fruit ice blocks, rubber kongs, honey, tofu-filled bamboo shoots and many other enrichment items – all of which keep their intelligent minds busy and provide extra nourishment along the way!

One of my lovely reviewers will get the chance to choose a moon bear to receive treats for a year.

The winner will be chosen on 5th August 2013.

* I won't collect your email address for marketing purposes. If you tick "please send me an email alert" at the bottom of the form, I'll email you when my next book comes out in January 2014. But otherwise I won't contact you except to send you a book & let you know if you've won the moon bear treats/Amazon gift card package.

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