Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Dystopian Novel The Miracle Inspector Chosen as a Best Book of 2012

 Best Book of 2012
My dystopian novel The Miracle Inspector, which has drawn comparisons with the work of Margaret Atwood, has been chosen by bloggers at The Opinionated Geeks and For Books’ Sake as a best book of 2012.

Lauren Peel at For Books’ Sake calls The Miracle Inspector ‘one of the finest novels of its genre.’

The Opinionated Geeks say, ‘Helen Smith both scares with the reality and entertains with the tale.’

The Miracle Inspector is a blackly comic dystopian thriller partly inspired by my time spent volunteering as a mentor for exiled writers in London through British charity Freedom from Torture. Rather than try to tell the stories of the people I met, I wondered what it would be like if I had to flee from London without money or possessions. How would I escape? What kind of reception would I get if I arrived somewhere without money or possessions, with little understanding of the culture? How would I know who to trust? That was my starting point. I hope people will finish the book asking some of the questions I started with.

The Miracle Inspector is set in the near future. England has been partitioned and London is an oppressive place where poetry has been forced underground, theatres and schools are shut, and women are not allowed to work outside the home. The book tells the story of a young married couple, Lucas and Angela, and the disastrous consequences of their decision to try to escape from London to make a new life and start a family.

The Miracle Inspector is one of the few novels that everyone should read, it's a powerful novel that's masterfully written and subtly complex.SciFi and Fantasy Books

Helen Smith crafts a story like she's the British lovechild of Kurt Vonnegut and Philip K. Dick, only with a feminist slant. Journal of Always Reviews

You can buy The Miracle Inspector for your ereader in The Kindle Store in the US, the UK, Canada and worldwide. You can buy the print edition online from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.ca, Barnes & Noble, Blackwells, The Book Depository, Fishpond, Foyles, W H Smith, Waterstones or from your local independent bookshop (mine include Clapham Books, Herne Hill Books and The Bookseller Crow and they will all stock it). The Miracle Inspector is also available in WH Smith stores at airports and train stations in the UK.

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Deborah Lawrenson said...

Great stuff, Helen - happy new year and more of the same!

Helen Smith said...

Thanks, Deborah. Here's to a brilliant 2013. I hope it brings you everything you wish for.

Donna Fasano said...

Congratulations, Helen! The Miracle Inspector is the first book of yours that I read. I loved it and went on to read them all! You deserve this.

May 2013 have even more wonderful things in store for you!

Helen Smith said...

Thank you, Donna. I love your books, too. Wishing you everything you wish for in 2013.