Saturday, 1 December 2012

FREE BOOKS for Kindle

You can borrow any of my books in Kindle format if you're a member of Amazon Prime in the US or the UK. Choose from one of the following:

Alison Wonderland is a quirky literary comedy about a woman called Alison who joins an all-female detective agency in London.

Being Light is about a man who flies away on a freak gust of wind while installing a bouncy castle in Brockwell Park, London. When he doesn't come home, his wife hires a private detective to find him. Some of the characters from Alison Wonderland appear in Being Light but it's a standalone story and can be read without reading that book.

The Miracle Inspector is a dystopian novel set in London that has drawn comparisons to the work of Margaret Atwood. England has been partitioned and a young married couple, Lucas and Angela, decide to escape to Cornwall - with disastrous consequences.

Three Sisters and Showstoppers are novella-length murder mysteries set in present-day London. They feature twenty-six-year-old amateur sleuth Emily Castles and her side-kick, philosophy professor Dr. Muriel. The first full-length Emily Castles mystery will be published in 2013 by Thomas & Mercer.

Would you like a free review copy of any of these books? Please send me an email or sign up to You don't need to have a blog so long as you're willing to review the book on Amazon.

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