Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Miracle Inspector: Pick of the Month

The Miracle Inspector has been chosen as one of October's recommended reads over at Bookviews by Alan Caruba, a charter member of the National Book Critics Circle in America.

The book will also be in WH Smith at train stations and airports as one of October's fiction picks - if you see it on the shelves, please let me know. Better yet, please take a photo and send it in.

More reviews of The Miracle Inspector have come in this week:

Over at Leeswammes' blog, there's a thoughtful review and a discussion in the comments from readers of this popular book blog. Judith, the reviewer, compares The Miracle Inspector to Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale and Sarah Hall's Carhullan Army. You can read the review and the discussion here.

Heather at Reflections of a Bookworm says 'I found myself falling in love with this story.' You can read the rest of the review here.

The review at Minding Spot concludes: 'If you love British writing, as Smith writes in true British fashion, as well as an off beat book about society's downfall and two characters just trying to survive, pick up The Miracle Inspector!' You can read the rest of the review here.

Over at Celestial Reviews, Ce-Ce calls it a must-read book. You can read the rest of her review here.

Thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed the book - I really appreciate it.

I did a character interview with Jesmond, one of the characters in The Miracle Inspector, over at Beyond the Books. And at Literarily Speaking, you can read Ten Things About Helen Smith You Might Not Know.


Karen Wojcik Berner said...

Fantastic, Helen! Congratulations on all of the great press "The Miracle Inspector" has been receiving.

Helen Smith said...

Thanks, Karen - I'm delighted with the reviews.