Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Miracle Inspector - The Dark Side of P G Wodehouse

There's a wonderful review of my dystopian novel The Miracle Inspector over at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, comparing my work to P G Wodehouse and Gary Shteyngart.

'Welcome to the dark side of P. G. Wodehouse; those of you who are accustomed to his clever, wickedly funny writing will find much of it in Helen Smith's near future dystopian thriller "The Miracle Inspector"[...] Smith excels in depicting a near future Great Britain not so dissimilar than the present, creating a near future world in which the present is merely prologue to a surprisingly credible future, via a most simple, yet still descriptive, prose. Readers intent on reading a far more dramatic vision of a dystopian future will miss the subtle, often sly, social commentary that lurks within the pages of Smith's novel; hers is a vision that is quite compelling in its own right, and one as noteworthy as Gary Shteyngart's in his P. G. Wodehouse Award-winning novel "Super Sad True Love Story". '

You can read the review in full here or here.

You can buy The Miracle Inspector for your ereader in The Kindle Store in the US and the UK or at Kobo. You can buy the print edition online from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Barnes & Noble, Blackwells, The Book Depository, Fishpond, Foyles, W H Smith, Waterstones or from your local independent bookshop (mine include Clapham Books, Herne Hill Books and The Bookseller Crow and they will all stock it). The Miracle Inspector is also available in WH Smith stores at airports and train stations so please look out for it if you're travelling in the UK.

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