Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Miracle Inspector: Book Club Pick

There's a wonderful review for The Miracle Inspector over at Bookfabulous where it has been chosen as a book club read.

This is a very interesting thought-provoking book. A fantastic book club pick. I enjoyed its directness and the power it gives to the reader's imagination to fill in the gaps rendering it a work of horror at times. Although laced with humour this is far from a humorous read. Dark and disturbing where at times survival alone is a miracle in disguise!

Please visit Bookfabulous to read the rest of the review.

The Miracle Inspector is currently available as an ebook via The Kindle Store in the US and the UK.

You can pre-order the print book online from,, Barnes & Noble, Blackwells, The Book Depository, Foyles, W H Smith, Waterstones or from your local independent bookshop (mine include Clapham Books, Herne Hill Books and The Bookseller Crow and they will all stock it). The Miracle Inspector will also be available in W H Smith stores at airports and train stations so please look out for it if you're travelling in the UK.


Karen Wojcik Berner said...

The excellent reviews keep coming in! Congratulations, Helen.

Helen Smith said...

Thanks, Karen!