Saturday, 2 June 2012


There's an intelligent, thoughtful review for Alison Wonderland over at Booksquawk:

"Part of the novel is a love letter to London. A dualistic wonderland in and below the level of vision and comprehension. Dark forces are at work, forces that invade her personal life and lead her to go on the run in a very sedate road trip to Weymouth, fuelled by sweets and chocolates from Woolworths and roadside garages. A road trip undertaken with her best friend Taron, a sexy clubber and girl about London town, but behind which is a romantic, off-kilter spiritual woman who is also a pathological liar and fantasist [...] Ultimately this is a book about whether the characters inhabit their lives as an active, conscious decision, or live adrift within it, as events and other people pass through, unable to affect anything much in the way of interaction or relationship with them [...] There is little trite redemption within these pages. Instead the reader is left painting scenarios of minor triumphs and gnawing regrets that the characters continue to experience beyond the life of the book. And that I think is no mean triumph of the novel itself. And a little subversive too, in its own way."

Alison Wonderland is available online from Amazon in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, America and the UK and in Hong Kong from Paddyfield. It's also available from The Book Depository and in independent bookshops like The Bookseller Crow, The Big Green Bookshop, Herne Hill Books and Clapham Books

If you have an ereader you can find it in the Kindle stores in the UK and the US.