Monday, 2 April 2012

Spring Sale

There's a spring sale on until 12th April in the Kindle store in the UK, including 99 Reasons Why by Caroline Smailes which is only 99p.

The book features eleven different possible endings, one of which I posted here (with her permission, of course), one which will be handwritten and auctioned for charity, and nine others which can be chosen by the reader.

The US Kindle store features 100 Kindle books for $3.99 or less every month. This month's deal includes books by a couple of friends:

Mercury Rises by Rob Kroese is $2.99.
The sequel to Rob’s first novel, Mercury Falls, finds the irreverent angel Mercury and his reporter pal, Christine Temetri, again facing the end of the world. The book is a comedy in the style of Tom Robbins.

Mercury Falls is only $4.99 at the moment so if you haven't read that, you can grab them both for $9. If you're in the UK, both books are currently on offer at £3.99.

Russell Wiley Is Out To Lunch by Richard Hine is $1.99
It's a satire on the newspaper industry featuring a likeable hero. Richard says, "Russell Wiley Is Out to Lunch is for anyone who appreciates the absurdities of corporate life and the challenges of modern relationships. I’m a big fan of Nick Hornby and also of the The Office. I’d be delighted if readers and viewers who enjoy such things would give my book a look."

If you've only just got a Kindle and you're looking for ways to find cheap ebooks, it's worth checking out these sites:
Daily Cheap Reads UK finds and posts about cheap and free ebooks in the UK kindle store:
Daily Cheap Reads US features bargain ebooks available in the US.
The Frugal Ereader has regular posts about free and cheap ebooks in the US.
Ereadernewstoday has news about free and cheap ebooks in the US, as well as Kindle accessories.
I use EreaderIQ to notify me about price drops of Kindle books. It has both a US and a UK site.

The Kindle Daily Deal in the UK and the US feature a different book each day that has been discounted by up to 80%.