Thursday, 12 April 2012

Amazon's New Deal for Screenwriters

John August and Craig Mazin discuss Amazon Studio's new deal for screenwriters on their latest podcast, which starts with a chatty preamble about why people over the age of 40 need to start wearing reading glasses, and goes on to answer various questions about screenwriting before talking about the revised deal available from Amazon.

It was interesting to hear that Amazon Studio revised their terms and became a WGA signatory after reading John and Craig's criticisms about the previous deal they offered to writers. The KDP (Kindle self-publishing) people typically work the same way - continually revising and upgrading the service offered on the basis of feedback from people who self-publish with them.

Incidentally, it was reading John August's blog about his experience self-publishing his book, The Variant, that persuaded me to self-publish my backlist books when they went out of print. Many people self-publish after reading Joe Konrath's blog but I had never heard of him, though I met him in New York last year and I read his blog now.