Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Woolff Gallery

My friend Russell West has an exhibition of his paintings at the Woolff Gallery in London from tomorrow until 12th May.

I first met Russell and his wife Sachi in Hong Kong and subsequently became good friends with them when they moved to London. We have been on some wonderful adventures together - I have visited Nepal and Venice with Sachi, and Granada, Albania, Margate, Somerset and the Isle of Wight with both of them. The last time Sachi was here with their two-year-old daughter Mio, about a month ago, it was snowing and they built a snowman in my garden. So apparently Mio (who is pretty good at talking in both Japanese and English) has said how much she is looking forward to visiting tomorrow and playing in the snow...

Russell has been here for a few days, preparing for the exhibition. On Monday night we went for dinner in Bloomsbury and he was accosted by a man who claimed to have been injured and to need £5 for a taxi to get to hospital. On closer inspection, Russell suspected that the long gash the man showed him on his arm was a clever fake. I'll write it up for SBI, together with the story of how my pen lid spontaneously began to produce chocolate in a lecture I recently attended by a well-known sceptic on the subject of fakery and phonies. For now, I'm trying to finish a book I'm writing - a murder mystery in my Emily Castles series. It means I'm neglecting most other things, including my blog, my other blog, my house and my garden. If anyone knows how to get hold of the winter olympics people, please let me know. I need about two inches of snow and a snow man in south London before tomorrow lunch time.

If you're near Charlotte Street, do check out the exhibition at the Woolff Gallery. Russell is very talented and his work is unusual and interesting, and beautiful to look at. You can download the exhibition catalogue here.