Thursday, 15 March 2012

Reviews of the Ephemeral

There's a fantastic review by James Webster at Sabotage of Poetry in the Parlour, an event that was held last week at Blackwell's bookshop as part of the Oxford International Women's Festival. There was performance poetry from Lucy Ayrton, Dan Holloway, Verity Heir, Paul Askew & Tina Sederholm, and music from Mrs Price’s Parlour. I read an excerpt from my book, The Miracle Inspector.

James Webster wrote a detailed review of each of the performances. Of mine, he writes: "The way she wove tiny differences between modern society and her dystopia was very effective in crafting a world that’s terrifying by increments... And the ending where she pitched harsh violence against a disconnected internal thought process was chillingly good."

You can read the whole review by James Webster over at Sabotage. It's a wonderful site that specialises in 'reviews of the ephemeral'.

Sabotage is available as a free iPhone app or you can subscribe via your Kindle here.

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