Saturday, 10 September 2011

Two new family members (one deceased)

I have heard back from my contact in Hong Kong, Mr M.H. of Hang Seng bank. He mentioned that he is 52 years old.

He also said that all I have to do, in order to get the funds to pay for the education of my new ward from West Africa, is claim to be next of kin to a very rich Iraqi businessman who died without heirs after he and his whole family were killed in a bomb blast. Mr M.H.'s attorney will fill out all the forms on my behalf so I can inherit the Iraqi's money if my claim is proved. So I stand to gain two new family members (though one is sadly deceased). Truly, the universe is blessing me this week.

I will need to write back to check how Mr Hussain made his money. If it's tainted in any way, e.g. by arms deals or whatnot, I won't be able to accept it. But I'm cautiously optimistic that this will turn out well. There is $24.5 million to be had, just for passing myself off as an Iraqi. What could possibly go wrong? When Mr M.H. has taken his 30% fee, that will leave US$16,333,334 or about £10 million for my ward's education in England.

I haven't yet heard back from my ward but then she is an orphan in Sierra Leone, perhaps still in danger from the business associates who poisoned her father to death, and Mr M.H. is a powerful and efficient businessman; a senior executive in a bank. It's hardly surprising that he has got back to me so quickly (though I confess I was slightly surprised that he had already contacted his attorney to get things moving along).

I often visit Hong Kong as I have friends who live there. If this turns out well, I hope I will be able to meet Mr M.H. and shake his hand and thank him in person.