Sunday, 11 September 2011

A grumpier chronicle of me

I found a site that has for some reason translated the Amazon page for ALISON WONDERLAND into a foreign language and then translated it back into English. The result is very entertaining and includes the following gems:
After her spouse leaves her for other woman, twentysomething Londoner Alison Temple impulsively relates for a work at the really P.I. definite she hired to entice her philandering ex. She hopes it will be the change of stage she so desperately needs to pierce on with her cracked life.

Her interaction with them all turn caught when she joins Taron for a thoroughfare outing to the strand and stumbles in to a mischance of epic proportions!
The page includes a Q&A about the book and my writing in which I attempt to sound earnest, modest, witty and wise:
Question: The intelligent pretension of your book is a send anxiety to Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. How has that book and its genre of smart, well read “nonsense” shabby your writing?

Helen Smith: we precious Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland when we was a child. we desired the intelligent wordplay, the unreasonable situations, and the unusual characters–not all of them sympathetic. we have to inform Lewis Carroll fans that any send anxiety to his work in my book starts and ends with the joke in the title, but we have no skepticism that we have been shabby by all we have ever read, inclusive his books. we was fortunate that we read a supernatural amount when we was younger

Q: Alison Wonderland has been praised for its unique throw of characters. Are you quite lustful of any a character, and what was your motivation for him or her?

HS: we similar to all the characters, even the baddies, but Alison is the a I’m most lustful of. She likes to regard she has the portion of everybody else, but she doesn’t have ample perception about her own situation. She’s injured but funny–a grumpier chronicle of me.

Q: The thought of genetically changed food is a small intimidating and has been in the headlines a lot. What drew you to use that process as a backdrop is to plot?

HS: Most of my characters are on a assignment of a few kind. I’m tender by people who are drawn to a cause, so we was really meddlesome when we read about young people protesting about genetically …
It contains a few words of advice for anyone who might wish to write a novel, which I'm happy to stand by:
For any person who is considering about essay a book, getting more information is the most appropriate way to pick up how to do it.