Friday, 29 July 2011

Rebecca Chance - Bad Sisters

Last night I went to a very glamorous book launch for my friend Rebecca Chance's new book, Bad Sisters, which will be published on 4th August.

The event was held at Franco's restaurant in Jermyn Street and, because Rebecca's books are bestsellers, the book launch was glitzy and generous - free cocktails and canapes, followed by dancing, and goodie bags to take away at the end of the night - and the room was full of gorgeous, glamorous people, including Rebecca herself.

I have read Rebecca's other two books, Bad Girls and Divas, which are saucy, camp and extremely entertaining - and well-written, too. Rebecca has lived in New York and Italy as well as London, so I know she uses settings she's familiar with when she's writing her books. Bad Sisters is described by Rebecca's publisher as a 'blisteringly sexy bonkbuster'. I'm looking forward to reading it, though - as with her other two books, and indeed books written by any of my friends - I'm going to try to resist speculating how much of the rest of it might be inspired by personal experience.