Friday, 1 April 2011

Friday Reads - 1st April

I'm reading or have just read these on my lovely new Kindle:

At the beginning of the week I read The End of the World by Andrew Biss - a surreal, clever literary novella, only 99 cents in the US or 71p in the UK.

I have just started scary supernatural thriller, Hold My Hand, by Serena Mackesy. It's set in Cornwall and it's very good so far. It's $3.99 in the US and £2.83 in the UK Kindle store.

I'm about a quarter of the way through Heads by Eddie Stack, set in San Francisco. It's a mad, funny story about a young Irish artist in trouble with a Priest. It's currently on offer at 70p in the UK, 99 cents in the US.


Like everyone else with access to the internet, I have been reading the comments section of the review of The Greek Seaman on Big Al's Books and Pals books review blog. Read Al's follow-up post here about what it felt like to go viral, with Neil Gaiman and Stephen Fry linking to his blog this week, along with just about everyone else including the Guardian. He's a lovely man who reviewed my mystery story, Three Sisters, back in February. One day I will write the story of how I first 'met' Big Al in an online bar on Amazon's Kindle forum, and how he and I are connected to the mysterious ursine dream-interpreting Madame Al, and why it once seemed a good idea to organise 'getting to know you' parties at the bar where guests would travel at random around the bar on silver robotic vacuum cleaners called Roombas. But as Al is famous now, the story may as well wait until someone offers me money to write it.

Links of interest on the Internet
'Literary agent' jailed for lying to clients. Robin Price was a fantasist who lived in a bedsit in Ilfracombe, Devon, so I thought it was a bit of a cheek that the Guardian didn't put 'literary agent' in quotes in their report, as if Robin Price really was a literary agent, and they carry on like this all the time.

My Writing is Fine Snake Mug - someone has come up with a mug and a t-shirt using a quote from the comments section of Big Al's review of The Greek Seaman. The person selling the merchandise is not connected to Al or his blog.

A Royal Wedding fridge on the Feminist Philosophers blog
(I found this link via @ on Twitter)

Greedy commuters spoil book swap in Kingston, UK. "Some people have been abusing the system, with one person caught filling up a carrier bag full of donations, some of which were fairly new." (Link via @ on Twitter.)

Rape is not a compliment. Hadley Freeman in the Guardian. Very good article.


M.P. McDonald said...

I'm reading Land of the Painted Caves, by Jean Auel. I've waited eight years for this book. Not sure it'll live up to the wait. :-/

Helen Smith said...

Oh, I hope it doesn't disappoint.

Eight years, though - if I waited that long for anything by the end of it I'd probably have forgotten what I was waiting for.

I have your first book on my Kindle, M. P., queued up and ready to go at some point when I have read these others. I have been meaning to read Heads for about three months.

BooksAndPals said...

Possibly someone would pay you to not write it, Helen. ;)

Helen Smith said...

Al, that would work for me. Just so long as money changes hands...

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