Monday, 29 November 2010

Swimming, knitting, dancing, writing

Last night I had a lovely review for The Miracle Inspector over at the I Work for Books review blog.

It was the perfect end to a week of celebrations for my birthday that included surprise visits from a friend from Italy and a friend from Ireland, a trip to see Beauty and the Beast at the National, a night out at Show Off! where I caught up with Steve on Broadway and friends, who were over from the US for Thanksgiving, a night out at Showstopper!, a few nights in watching DVDs and taped TV (Season Three of 30 Rock, Misfits, District Nine), some great reviews for my books from book bloggers and the installation of a new office chair so I can do lots more writing in relative comfort.

This week I'm getting back to work. I plan to make another podcast, write a little more of the play I have been commissioned to write, and work on my literary masterpiece, Beachy Head. I had pushed the latter to one side, thinking that it was absurd to try to write anything fancy when fancy doesn't sell. But in recent days, my writing has been compared by reviewers to Patricia Highsmith, Graham Greene and Ruth Rendell. Heh, I know. So now I feel quite inspired to write something ambitious.

Today I'm feeling thankful for friends and grateful to book reviewers. I'm sitting comfortably. I'm about to start writing, which is something I enjoy doing more than anything else; more than swimming, knitting or dancing, even. There are similarities between all four pursuits; writing is where they intersect.

I wish you an equally joyful start to the week, wherever you are and whatever you're sitting on.


Terry Odell said...

Now that's wonderful news to share. May this week be as fantastic.

Terry's Place
Romance with a Twist--of Mystery

Helen Smith said...

Thanks, Terry - and for you, too.

L.C. Evans said...

Super review. Congratulations.

Helen Smith said...

Thanks, Linda.