Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Podcast 04 - The Jessie Kirkels Chronicles - La Vie en Rose

In Episode Four I read an excerpt from the first draft of the manuscript so you can see how my plans for the novel begin to translate into text.

I have had loads of downloads of my podcasts - thanks for joining me. I'm like a writer in residence! On my own blog!

You can listen to Episode Four here or subscribe to the free podcasts in iTunes here or subscribe in a reader here.


Barbara Silkstone said...

Helen, I just joined your followers. I love your blog. It's so interesting. So many bells and whistles.

Helen Smith said...

Thanks, Barbara.

RandomizeME said...

I noticed that your podcast is only via iTunes. Maybe you can also upload the MP3 file to blogger so people who don't use iTunes can also listen in?

Helen Smith said...

Hi RandomizeME - if you click on here in each Jessie Kirkels Chronicles post where it says 'you can listen here ', it will take you to an MP3 version of the relevant episode. You don't have to listen in iTunes.

But it's going to get increasingly difficult for new people to go back and find early episodes as I add new ones, so I'll put links to each ep in the right hand column.

Helen Smith said...

I have now put the free Podcast rss link in every podcast post, and linked to it - and every episode - in the box on the right.

If you listen to the podcasts, I hope you enjoy them, RandomizeME (and anyone else reading this).