Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Channel 4 Screenwriting Course/Commission

John Fox has details on his blog of a screenwriting course run by Channel 4 for writers without broadcast credits. To apply, you have to send in a play, radio play or script that is a minimum of 30 minutes long. The deadline is 12th November. You need to be available for two residential weekend workshops, one in January, one in June.

The course will give the twelve successful participants an insight into what it is like to write under commission to the channel, with regular meetings with script editors, etc. During the course - which has been tailored to allow participants to continue with their normal jobs at the same time - participants will write a one-hour original drama which will be optioned by Channel 4. Participants will be paid an attendance fee and a fee for writing two drafts of their script.

More information at Channel 4 here.


Ian Edward said...

Your blog gives such a snapshot of what it's like to be in and aroun d London (I'm in Sydney) that I often feel like I'm there (and then I realise I'm not.)

This play contest/course sounds great (but a bit too far for me to drop in to those residencies!)but I'm there in spirit.

Keep these little online postcards coming

Helen Smith said...

Thanks, Ian! I have to tell you, it's getting pretty cold here now. I bet a few people reading your comment are wishing they were in Sydney.