Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Being Light Review and Q&A - Breakout Books

There's a lovely review for Being Light and a Q&A about the book with author Dawn Judd over at the Breakout Books Blog today.

Thanks for all your lovely birthday wishes. I remember a time when having a birthday - like getting drunk - was a cause for celebration and hilarity. Now both drunkenness and birthdays (previously combined to such good effect, from my teenage years onwards) seem to be something that must be endured; something inflicted on me by a cruel world for no other purpose than to mock and humiliate me and make me seem old, with the photographic evidence later turning up on Facebook where it is tagged for all to see.

Last night I fooled whoever is in charge by not getting drunk and by having a good time. Also, the 'celebration and hilarity' factors were ramped up high when my friend Kev turned up unexpectedly from Italy. He was the model for the cover photo for Being Light. Here he is balancing on a fence in Hong Kong in the original photo, before I shrunk him and turned him into Roy Travers.

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