Tuesday, 12 October 2010

All About Ebooks

Last week I went to the Publishers Association in Bloomsbury to take part in a podcast about ebooks with Linda Bennet and Graham Taylor of the Publishers Association, WGGB Editor Tom Green and Guild General Secretary Bernie Corbett.

The podcast was produced by WGGB member Daniel J Alexander.

You can listen online here or download the podcast from iTunes.

Update: announcement today from Amazon about 'Kindle Singles'.


merson said...

Dear Helen.

Good Blog. I will listen to the podcast and let you know what I think. I have just purchased a Kindle. I am very old fashioned regarding books and still think that they will remain in the form they presently are. I love browsing in old book shops and the internet/ebooks I hope will not destroy that. Having said that I am know Luddite and when used properly and intelligently my kindle is a fantastic source of storing knowledge and is a portable library.

Helen Smith said...

Hello Merson

Thanks for your comment.

I agree - I think there's room for all formats. I love paperbacks but ebooks are very convenient - ereaders are portable and you can carry a whole library with you (as you say) whether you are travelling overseas on holiday, backpacking, commuting, sitting at the bedside of someone in hospital, or even deployed abroad in the armed forces.

The idea that you can have just about any book delivered instantly to an ereader at the touch of a button - even those that have long been out of print - for less than the print price (or even free, in the case of out-of-copyright classics)... well, it's like living in a Borghes short story and it just about blows my mind!

Hope you enjoy using your Kindle - and I hope that we will all have the chance to browse for both new and old books in 'real' book shops for a long time to come.