Saturday, 25 September 2010

Ten Lovely Blogs

Lisa at herbookself recently gave me a 'One Lovely Blog' award. Thanks, Lisa!

The award is a way of encouraging readers of a particular blog to discover other interesting sites. One of the conditions of displaying the award is that I am supposed to pass it on to other blogs that deserve it.

So, after much careful thought, I'd like to bestow this award on ten blogs which have featured my books over the last few months. Some of them are serious review sites and won't want to display the award or pass on what is effectively an internet meme. That's fine. They are still lovely blogs and I want to take the opportunity to thank the authors and mention them here. Other recipients may wish to display the award and share the love by naming other sites they recommend to their readers.

The One Lovely Blog Award goes to the following:

Sizzling Hot Romance Kristie Leigh Maguire is an award-winning romance author and the host of the Spinning Wheel thread over at where I did my first virtual reading for my book, The Miracle Inspector. Kristie reviews romance books and talks about her work on her blog.

Lit and Laundry Book reviews and news about recent craft projects from Sarah: teacher, mother, reader and talented quilter.

Stimulated Outlet Author Alice Yeh reviews books and interviews authors on this interesting new blog.

Cajun Book Lady Reviews and giveaways from prolific reader Kris, who also finds the time to bring up her children, rescue kittens and run three blogs.

Interview Me Cambridge Read the manifesto for this fascinating interview blog. After you have read that, make sure you read the blog.

Red Adept Reviews Popular reviewer Red Adept's blog is available on the kindle. She reviews books and also runs regular features inviting authors to contribute answers about the process of writing: 'character or plot', 'settings', and so on.

Breakout Books Author Dawn Judd runs the Breakout Books Club on Facebook and writes reviews and interviews on her blog, where she also holds contests and giveaways. The blog features guest interviews by author Imogen Rose.

Kindle Author Novelist, playwright and screenwriter David Wise has an interesting background himself as a writer. His popular new interview blog is ranked in the top ten book blogs by technorati and is available for the kindle.

The Indie Spotlight, Authors Gregory Banks and Edward Patterson run this well-established site which features reviews, articles and interviews about the craft of writing as well as information for independent authors about how to publish and promote their books. The Indie Spotlight is available on the kindle.

Two Ends of the Pen Author Debra L Martin co-writes fantasy and science fiction with David W Small. Debra features interviews and reviews on her blog, as well as news about her books.


Mary McDonald said...

All excellent blogs. :-)

Helen Smith said...

They are!

Debra L Martin said...


Thank you for mentioning me. What a lovely surprise.


Helen Smith said...

Debra, I have listed them in reverse chronological order - yours was the first blog to feature an interview with me in recent months, since I started promoting my books as ebooks.

Last on my list but certainly not least! Good luck with your books, too.

mywordlyobsessions said...

Congrats for the award! I'll be going round to check out the blogs you mentioned. I've been a bad girl... still haven't chosen my ten. I was too busy trying to get a sneak-peek of Johnny Depp this week!

Helen Smith said...

Looking forward to seeing which blogs you choose - what a shame you didn't see Johnny Depp.

lisa :) said...

Looking forward to checking out all your picks!

David Wisehart said...

Thanks, Helen! I just saw this. Guess I'm a bit late to the party, but wanted to say hi. :)