Monday, 13 September 2010

Blogfest Winners

Thank you to everyone who visited this blog as part of BlogFest 2010 and signed up to win signed copies of my books, Alison Wonderland and Being Light.

Welcome to all the new readers - it's lovely to have you here. Thank you to everyone who followed this blog over the weekend - and to those who have been following since the beginning. I hope you'll stick with me.

Since I now have more than 200 followers, I picked two Blogfest winners at random with the help of my dog, Jessie:

Kailia Sage

I have emailed the winners to let them know that they were successful. I'm sorry that not everyone could win but I hope that some of you won prizes at the other blogs taking part.

If you're interested in the selection process, please take a look at the video below. If you're wondering whether to commit 3.26 mins of your life to watching it, I'm happy to confirm that unless you're keen to watch a woman cutting up some pieces of paper and a dog eating a gravy bone, you can definitely skip it.

If you liked the video, there's plenty more of that sort of thing here.


JP - The Mistress of Corgi Manor said...

Helen, I've followed your blog for months and always enjoy it. I admit I'm a skeptic about contest winners, but you actually showed us the process with no evidence of creative editing. Recalling my courses in research and mass comm theories I am quite impressed with your system. Fair, honest and scientific. Well done!
Jennifer "Madame Perry's Salon"
Bark Of Love
Memoirs O A Misanthrope.

E.J. Stevens said...

Congrats to the winners! :)

From the Shadows

Helen Smith said...

Thanks, EJ and JP.

I'm glad the selection process seemed suitably random. Everyone who entered seemed so nice - I didn't want to have to choose someone myself.

fforddallan said...

I love the way that you turned the pieces of paper over so that Jessie couldn't cheat!

Helen Smith said...

I think she was secretly offended.