Saturday, 3 May 2008

I'm a Celebrity...

The result of the London Mayoral election really surprised me. My daughter had warned that Boris might get in, explaining that there was a precedent for it: in Ali G - the Movie, the electorate vote for the fool. I hadn't seen the film and didn't take her warning seriously.

Perhaps democracy has been de-valued by the recent fashion for television programmes in which viewers get to vote for their favourites, and usually choose whoever is most likely to entertain. In the end, the vote for Mayor was no more serious than a vote on I'm a Celebrity - Biggins or Boris, who cares so long as it's funny?

I saw Brian Blessed on Have I Got News for You last night and that cheered me up. Is he to be our next mayor after Boris? Perhaps other parties will take heed and field gaffe-prone celebrities as candidates in future elections. Richard Madeley for Prime Minister, anyone? Mind you, anyone would be better than that unelected oaf Gordon Brown.

Years ago, a friend told me about friends of hers, young men in their twenties who used to go to Thailand for sex holidays, paying for underage prostitutes to be their 'girlfriends' for the week. Such activities still go on, of course. The thing that stuck with me about that particular story is that one of the lads mentioned having sex with a 14 year old girl one morning and, when his friend wandered into the bedroom, he let the friend 'have a go' on her - after all, she was paid for.

It's a revolting story, and I know that people who go on holidays and buy sex with child prostitutes have all sorts of bizarre justifications for it - that Thai women are somehow different from us and 'don't mind' and it 'helps the economy' and so on. In this case, the fact that he had paid for her services for the week seemed to somehow make it OK to pass the frightened young girl around.

Unfortunately whenever I think of how Tony Blair stepped down from power to let Gordon Brown 'have a go' at leading the country, I can't help thinking about that lad in the bedroom in Thailand letting his friend 'have a go' with the young girl he had paid to have sex with for the week. Although technically it seems the arrangement in both cases was legal, it doesn't make it right.

So now that people have had a chance to vote, Gordon Brown has got a whupping and we're stuck with Boris 'Biggins' Johnson for four years until Brian Blessed or whoever comes to power after that.

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