Thursday, 2 August 2007

Four words that finally did for me

I hadn't seen Heroes until last week because we don't have whatever fancy channel it has been broadcast on up until now. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two episodes, which seemed full of promise. Sure, I thought they didn't need to have the two brothers say to each other 'you're my brother' and so on, but a certain amount of exposition is excusable when you're trying to set up a series.

It's so lovely to have a valid reason not to leave the house and I thought I'd got my Wednesday nights all planned out for the next few weeks. My favourite superhero type TV programme was for kids - The Secret World of Alex Mack, about a 13 year old girl. Did you ever see that? I seem to remember it was great.

But last night's episode of Heroes was such a pain in the arse with yet more exposition and all the hero characters matched with a friend of some sort so they could explain their inner thoughts to them. The young Indian man threw a precious lap-top to the floor. It was full of information he'd been seaching for over two continents and just as you're thinking 'that would never happen', guess what; the computer hit the floor and revealed there were useful documents and a key hidden inside it. You think, OK, maybe they were in a hurry or something when they were writing it and they couldn't find a better way... And then one of the brothers denounced the other, quite unnecessarily, at a press conference. And then the policeman left his wife without a fight when he 'heard' her thoughts, in which she wished he would go. How hard would it have been to have her wishing he would stay and he left anyway? I mean, honestly!

What finally did for me were four words; 'my son, your husband', spoken to a white woman with a mixed race son about the child's father, by a middle-aged black woman who had already been established as 'Grandma'. Yeah, we get it. We get it! You don't need to say it. Just as I was railing at the TV, the white woman, who had driven all the way to Grandma's house, said to Grandma - I want you out of my son's life. Well, love - don't go to her house, then.

What happened there? Whose idea was it to have all that crappy, clunky stuff in the script? The writer's, or someone else's? Anyway, what a shame. Heroes is such a nice idea for a TV show but I don't want to spend even 45 minutes of my time each week engaging with something that assumes I'm stupid. I don't mind suspending disbelief in what's happening on screen - hey, maybe people can fly - but I refuse to suspend disbelief in my own intelligence.

Atom's back on tonight, BBC4, 9.00 pm - it was very good last week. I never used to understand all those old people who said they preferred documentaries to drama on TV but I can't help thinking they might be right. Either TV drama is worse than it once was or I'm getting old... OK, see what you mean - maybe I'll give Heroes another go next week.


Mr.Kim/Mick Bright Kim said...


Helen Smith said...

Oh, Mr.Kim/Mick Bright Kim

Surely there are better ways of spending your time than this? When you were a little boy, you didn't dreaming of one day becoming a spammer, did you? Take a little pride in yourself. It's not too late to follow your dreams.

Helen Smith said...

I would like to reassure readers that when I say 'you didn't dreaming of' in the comment above, I am not taking the piss out of Mr.Kim/Mick Bright Kim for a supposed poor grasp of English.

It's just that I'd have to change the comments moderation thingy if I want to edit my comment and there doesn't seem much point, since Mr. Kim/Mick Bright Kim is not, after all, a real person.

Helen Smith said...

I'm already starting to feel guilty about Mr. Kim/Mick Bright Kim. What if this person does exist and was making a first tentative foray into commenting on a blog and I've shot him down and sneered at him for not following his dreams? What if there's a Mrs Kim and she reads my comment, or the kids?

So what if he posted his comment the very second that I published my post. Maybe he just reads very fast.

I mean Mr Kim/Mick Bright Kim is such a nice name and Hi is so sweet and says it all and after all, I'm always guilty of writing too much rather than keeping it short and pithy.

So, Mr.Kim/Mick Bright Kim? If you're out there - Hi yourself.

Piers said...

He'll advertisement you for money, apparently.

There's a deal you don't get offered every day.

Lucy said...

I'm sold. Where do I apply to Mr. Mick Kim-bright-wotsit?

Funny you should mention those 4 words Helen, that was EXACTLY the problem I had with last night's episode. Can you imagine if we gave in dialogue like that for a course or forum or something? Our peers would take us apart like that Cheerleader-come-Highlander on the autopsy table.

Danny Stack said...

Heroes gets over its early stuttering and exposition, and gets into its stride after ep 4, or poss ep 5, I can't remember. At the end of this ep, there's a scene in the subway and if it a) doesn't freak you out and b) get you hooked, then well, Heroes is just not for you.

Helen Smith said...

In a way, he has advertisemented me but without the money, as he drew you two lovely people to this post. Bless him.

I'm going to give Heroes another go. I liked the cheerleader on the autopsy table at the end of Ep 3. To be honest, I was feeling a bit sour about the 'your husband, my son' nonsense but since Mr.Kim/ Mick Bright Kim came into my life, I feel a whole lot sunnier about things. Hi!

For the next Heroes, I might try getting drunk or knitting, either of which gets me through Midsomer Murders, which I must admit remains a favourite. There's a new one of those on Saturday, I believe.

Helen Smith said...

Danny, you're right as always - Heroes is great. It suddenly all falls into place in Ep Four. Hooray!

Michelle Goode said...

I remember Alex Mac! I thought it was a fantastic programme. As a child, it really caught my attention and I wished so badly that I could be like her, and just melt down whenever I wanted and go on exciting adventures. It's also got a good message in it about radiation, come to think about it!

Helen Smith said...

Hi Michelle

Alex Mack is still one of my all time favourites.