Thursday, 21 June 2007

Nudity and Vomiting, Matthew Macfadyen

Just to clarify, I'm a fan of nudity on stage and vomiting on screen - not the other way around. Vomiting on stage, no matter how much effort the actor puts in, is only so much groaning and spitting. I take my hat off (although nothing more) to anyone who is audacious enough to go naked on stage. With onscreen nudity, you just think 'oh put it away' - unless it's Simon Callow in Midsomer Murders, of course, which elicited a spontaneous round of applause in our house.

Also, as my stats have spiked* since I mentioned Matthew Macfadyen , I thought I'd say a little more about him. I like him because he's a good actor but also because he reminds me of an old boyfriend of mine. His mouth has that slight tremble to it, as if he's on the verge of confessing some huge emotion that will change both your lives forever unless you lean forward to kiss him and stop him from saying it. To anyone who is considering going to see the show purely because Matthew Macfadyen is in it, I would say this: the seats are comfortable, he's on stage the whole time, he's very good in it, he does not get naked. It's only £25 and if you sit in the middle near the front, I reckon you could stand up and get through a good few bars of Jennifer Holliday's And I am telling you I'm not going before they manage to haul you away, although I don't recommend that you do it.

*No, it's not painful, it doesn't need antibiotics and it will eventually go away by itself

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