Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Dictionary Additions

To force an anecdote on someone: fanecdote. As in: 'We were having a lovely dinner when all of a sudden he started fanecdoting.'

* see also refanecdote – to repeat the above offence, usually with the same anecdote.


Dominic said...

Do you think any anecdote is actually unforced? I mean, nobody sits down and says, come on tell us an anecdote and make us laugh / cry / feel morally outraged. Or do they? ...... I'll try it for the first time ever: Tell me an anecdote - please?

Helen Smith said...

Oh no, Dominic, I think you're quite wrong - I love a good anecdote. We often clamour to hear them, so long as they're entertaining. Just think of dear old Kenneth Williams on Parky.