Thursday, 20 October 2016

Kindle Deal: British Mystery BEYOND BELIEF £1.54 today!

Beyond Belief by Helen Smith
Beyond Belief is on offer in the Kindle store for £1.54 today

When famous psychic Perspicacious Peg predicts that someone will drown at the Belief and Beyond conference in the seaside town of Torquay, twenty-six-year-old amateur sleuth Emily Castles is recruited to investigate.

The potential victim of this “future crime” is celebrated magician Edmund Zenon. He provokes outrage and excitement by offering £50,000 to anyone who can prove the existence of the paranormal, then announces he will stage a daring walking-on-water stunt the same weekend.

Potential suspects include local fortune-teller Madame Nova; kindly Bobby Blue Suit and his three psychic dachshunds; grieving parents Sarah and Tim Taylor; and religious cult members Hilary, Trina, and the Colonel.

Edmund Zenon doesn’t believe he’s in danger. If he’s right, Emily will enjoy a weekend of séances and positivity circles, puzzling over nothing more troubling than the fish supper menu at the Poisson d’Avril restaurant.

But if he’s wrong, Emily will have to use good old-fashioned detective skills to solve the case. Fortunately Emily's best friend, eccentric philosophy professor Dr. Muriel, is on hand to assist.

Download from Amazon for only £1.54 today

New Releases: We Learn at Home + We Go Out by Miriam Elia and Ezra Elia

 We Go To The Gallery by Miriam Elia, a satirical take on contemporary art, now has two sequels available.

The new books contain hand painted illustrations by Miriam Elia, with the text written by Miriam and her brother, Ezra Elia.
We Learn at Home

We Learn at Home by Miriam Elia and Ezra Elia

In book 1b of the Dung Beetle Learning series, Mummy takes John and Susan out of their local school to be re-educated at home, and introduce to their young minds a new, alternative world view. In order to do so, mummy will ground all learning in a feelings-based outlook, free of any actual facts or skills, and re-evaluate core subjects such as mathematics, religion, philosophy and art.

We Go Out
We Go Out by Miriam Elia and Ezra Elia

In book 1c of the Dung Beetle Learning series, Mummy takes Susan and John out for an exciting day trip in London, as part of their new re-education programme. Looking, thinking and re-evaluating the world around them is a crucial part of a child's core development. A simple stroll down the local high street is magically illuminated by mummy's insights into the nature of society, religion, art and the various other forms of hierarchal or patriarchal oppression.

Artist editions are available for £25 each from or you can buy the commercial editions for £7.99 each from bookshops, including Amazon

Sunday, 16 October 2016

#KillerWomenFest Thank you!

The members of Killer Women held our first crime fiction festival in London yesterday. Thank you to everyone who worked together to make it such a success.

Thanks to the volunteers who made the festival such a delightful experience for participants and panellists, and to Liz and Kate from the Stoken Newington Literary Festival, who gave us so much good advice about how a festival should be run. To all the volunteers in red shirts, thank you!

To Rachel Buchanan, who produced and ran the festival for us.

To Steve Millar who took the official photos and Audible and the BBC who recorded the panels and workshops.

To the technicians and security staff who made the event run so seamlessly.

To the caterers, who looked after us all day and provided the Killer Women cocktails to round off the event in style.

To the authors and experts who answered our call to appear on panels and present workshops, providing fascinating discussions, valuable information and exclusive insider tips about the publishing business. Your generosity made this an unmissable event and we’re very grateful to you for collaborating with us.

Newham Bookshop, who sold our books at the festival. Thanks, Viv and team!

Our joint sponsors, Audible and HW Fisher. Our supporters Crime Files, Dead Good Books, Killer Reads, Thin Blue Spine, Orenda Books, The Arts Council, and The Professional Writing Academy, and our agents and publishers who have joined us at the festival to support us.

Fellow Killer Women, especially our founders, Louise Millar & Melanie McGrath, whose vision and tireless hard work make this group so extraordinary and so admired within the industry.

To all the participants who invested time and money to join us at the festival. I hope you feel that the information you absorbed from the panels and workshops made it worthwhile, and that you were entertained, you made new friends, and that you feel part of the Killer Women community.

If I have left anyone out, please forgive me. I think we thanked everyone in person who helped and supported us, but I’m sorry if I have missed the chance to thank you publicly.

If you want to know more about future events, as well as new releases, reading recommendations and giveaways, please make sure you’re signed up to the Killer Women Club on our website. We take it in turns to write to readers once a month:

Killer Women Murder Mystery: The Winning Team!
We’re also on Twitter @killerwomenorg and Facebook killerwomencrime. If you tweet us or comment, one of use will always reply.

If you have taken photos, please upload them and tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The hashtag is #killerwomenfest

See you at a future event or online!

♠ There are some great write-ups of events at the festival by Paul at The Killing Times

♠ If you loved The Killer Women Festival, check out The Killer Women Crime Club anthology
Blade-sharp and pared to the bone, fifteen original stories by bestselling, award-winning female crime writers will lure you to the dark side. Fifteen perfectly twisted tales with a measure of evil, a dash of horror, and a dose of humour. Expect the unexpected…