Friday, 6 March 2015

Australian Kindle Daily Deal: Alison Wonderland only $0.99 today

Alison Wonderland
If you enjoy smart, funny books, you might enjoy Alison Wonderland. It's on offer at $0.99 in the Australian Kindle Store as part of the Kindle Daily Deal today, Friday 6th March.

Private detective Alison Temple spends her days working undercover in offices and her evenings shadowing unfaithful husbands. Then one day, a beautiful client shows up and turns her life upside down. So far, so noir. But this is no ordinary detective story…

Meet Mrs. Fitzgerald, Alison’s boss at the all-female Fitzgerald’s Bureau of Investigation in London who assigns her a “Top Secret” project while hiding secrets that could endanger them both. Meet Alison’s adorable poetry-writing neighbour, drumming monks, a witch, a shig—“the fattest, woolliest animal on earth, the product of a union between a pig and a sheep”—and a psychic postman. Follow the quest to find an abandoned baby that takes Alison on a road trip to the seaside with her new best friend, Taron. And find out who she falls in love with, and how that love changes her life.

Clever, quirky, and infused with just a hint of magic, this humorous literary novel introduces a memorable heroine who can turn the everyday into a dazzling surprise.

Smith is gin-and-tonic funny. Booklist

You can click on this link to learn more: Alison Wonderland at Amazon.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Homicides of March: Win a bundle of 41 mystery and thriller print books
You could win a bundle of 41 mystery and thriller print books from 41 authors (including me.) It's easy to enter. The giveaway is open internationally (except where prohibited by law.)

Saturday, 28 February 2015

A book that will leave you with more questions than answers...

Dystopian novel The Miracle Inspector
My dystopian novel, The Miracle Inspector, is reduced to only $0.99/99p in a lightning deal in the Kindle store today.

Here's what reviewers are saying about The Miracle Inspector.
  • The Miracle Inspector is one of the few novels that everyone should read, it's a powerful novel that's masterfully written and subtly complex. SciFi and Fantasy Books.
  • The Miracle Inspector is a dark dystopian novel, full of twists and turns that has the reader guessing and waiting in anticipation to see what happens next. Bella Magazine
  • The Miracle Inspector is a powerful, insightful, darkly funny, and principled conception. Journal of Always Reviews
The Miracle Inspector is an ambitious, intelligent book along the lines of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid’s Tale or The Children of Men by P.D. James.  It gets great reviews and I’m proud of it – the story was inspired by my voluntary work with a charity called Freedom From Torture, mentoring exiled writers who had escaped from their home countries and ended up in London.

I wondered what I would do, if everything changed here in England as quickly as it did in Iran, for example, after the revolution in the 1970s. Where would I go, if I had to escape? Who would help me? Who could I trust? And if I had been shut up at home for years without access to a proper education, how would I manage without the life experiences I needed to make the right decisions to get me out of danger?

If you like my writing generally, you may want to get The Miracle Inspector while it's on offer if you haven’t read it. If you like my mysteries, this one may not be for you. There is some swearing in it and some sexual references – nothing too much – but it’s much bleaker than my mysteries, which (although they give the reader something to think about amongst the jokes) are written purely for entertainment.

The Miracle Inspector was intended as a thought-provoking book that will leave you with more questions than answers – though there are some funny lines in it, too, of course, as you will have come to expect if you've read my other books.

Like the sound of it? Please grab a copy for your Kindle today.