Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Real Elves: An Emily Castles Christmas Mystery

Real Elves by Helen Smith
There are some great reviews coming in for my Christmas story, Real Elves, a short mystery featuring twenty-six-year-old amateur sleuth Emily Castles.

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"This is one of those stories that make readers say “Wow, I MUST read every other book this author has written!” It’s a cozy mystery in every sense of the genre. Nothing vulgar, no blood, no violence; just a cracking good little mystery with quirky characters and so well written it was as if I was right there with them!" You can read the rest of the review at Big Otter Books.

"This is a book that leaves you with those warm fuzzy feelings and perfect for Christmas. Helen Smith captured the atmosphere and portrayed the characters to perfection." You can read the rest of the review Socrates Book Review.

"A cute little mystery... It’d be a nice gift to sneak into a stocking or a small gift exchange." You can read the rest of the review at Carol's Notebook.

"This is a great little story that is easy to read and definitely short. I love the ending but am not telling you what happened." You can read the rest of P. Blevin's review here.

"Emily Castle is back in this whimsical Christmas short story with seasonal magic, playful humor, and an alarming mystery (but no murder.)" You can read the rest of Jaylia's review here.

"I like the concept in this fun and enjoyable mystery which kept me entertained from beginning to end. I've read other books in the series and this is a welcomed addition." You can read the rest of D. Love's review here.

Thanks to everyone who has bought, borrowed, read or reviewed Real Elves.

The ebook edition is free to borrow with Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime. (If you live in the US and you buy the paperback from, you can get the ebook free through the Kindle Matchbook program.)

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Spooktacular Giveaway

Discover a new mystery seriesLooking for an entertaining Halloween read? Three Sisters is the first outing for amateur sleuth Emily Castles in my new British mystery series. Emily receives an invitation to a bonfire party in a large house at the end of her street, hosted by a mysterious troupe of circus performers. She accepts, despite her misgivings, because her dog has died and she needs cheering up. But when she witnesses a murder in the midst of the surreal entertainment, no one will believe what she has seen. Is Emily befuddled with grief at the loss of her pet? Or has something wicked happened in plain sight of all the party-goers? Emily and her eccentric neighbours attempt to discover the truth in a charming story that will have you giggling at every funny line.

To celebrate the holiday season, I'm taking part in the Spooktacular giveaway hop organised by Kathy at I am a Reader. I will be giving away a $10 Amazon gift card.

Spooktacular GiveawayPlease leave a comment on the post below and I will pick a winner for the $10 Amazon gift card. If you win, you can use it to buy the book of your choice.

This giveaway is open internationally. If you don't shop at, I can send you a gift card worth $10 from your local Amazon store. Giveaway ends 31st October.

There are around 200 blogs taking part in this hop, all of them giving away book-related prized worth $10 or more. If you visit every one, you have a good chance of winning something.

Please look here for a list of all the blogs taking part. Good luck!